MIAU Release 2.3.0

New feature: links to problems, several improvements
Added by Ruedi Seiler about 6 years ago

This release brings the following novelties:

  • link to problems:
    from any document you can now set a link to a problem in the course.
  • generic visualisation:
    generic visualisations can be included in arbitrary MUMIE documents. For more details
    see generic visualization
  • internal MIAU files are protected from editing
  • the name in the Meta-Info is now set automatically:
    to simplify the writing of new documents the name in the meta
    info of a document is set as the file name.
  • To authors in the OMB+ project:
    to facilitate the writing of examples, exercises, articles
    problems, you may check out templates from the svn: checkin/TU9/omb_plus/Spielwiese/integral-learning.
    Part of this material is published on the OMB+ MUMIE server in the course Spielwiese .
    The source code of these documents you find below the html-documents.

For more information please check the Changelog of release 2.3.0 .


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