Welcome to the Support Area of MUMIE

Starting from here you will find our documentation, files and sources for working
successful with the MUMIE system and the authoring tool MIAU.

Please take a look at the links above, like News or Wiki.


We are announcing all important news regarding new MIAU releases, MIAU features and
enhancements here. We hope that you drop by from time to time or subscribe to the
news feed.


It is the main place for all persons working with and on the system. Here you will find
documentations regarding content develompment, usage of MUMIE and a lot more. If you have
an account for the site, you will be also able to write your own wiki pages and update
existing one.


You have a question and would like to share it with others, or maybe you know an answer to
existing questions of others, then feel free to use our forums for your concerns.

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