MIAU Release 2.3.0

Added by Ruedi Seiler over 7 years ago

This release brings the following novelties:

  • link to problems:
    from any document you can now set a link to a problem in the course.
  • generic visualisation:
    generic visualisations can be included in arbitrary MUMIE documents. For more details
    see generic visualization
  • internal MIAU files are protected from editing
  • the name in the Meta-Info is now set automatically:
    to simplify the writing of new documents the name in the meta
    info of a document is set as the file name.
  • To authors in the OMB+ project:
    to facilitate the writing of examples, exercises, articles
    problems, you may check out templates from the svn: checkin/TU9/omb_plus/Spielwiese/integral-learning.
    Part of this material is published on the OMB+ MUMIE server in the course Spielwiese .
    The source code of these documents you find below the html-documents.

For more information please check the Changelog of release 2.3.0 .

MIAU Release 2.2.0

Added by Marek Grudzinski over 7 years ago

Feature list and fixed bugs:

  • generic visualization/extension of generic framework
    MUMIE tex documents may contain an environment for drawing geometric
    objects like points, lines, line segments, circles and marked areas.
    There is also room for their analytic expressions and formulas.
    Learn more about this extension here: generic visualization
  • Renaming of documents within the checkin tree is now possible
  • Compilation of unique system package now works without the need of all dependencies in the workspace
  • Problems with spaces and special chars in installation path are fixed
  • LSP editor now accepts also < and > as normal sign
  • Preview of applets also works on Windows now
  • i18n editor doesn't add whitespaces anymore
  • i18n editor recognizes different xml node with same name attribute

Problems with SUSE 13.1

Added by Ruedi Seiler over 7 years ago

The theme oxygen must be replaced. See the how-to on the Wiki page Miau might not start under SUSE 13.1

MIAU Release 2.1.0

Added by Marek Grudzinski over 7 years ago

With this version, several important features were added to MIAU!

  • MIAU can update itself now - noticeable from the next version
    Starting with the next version 2.2.0 you will be notified if a newer MIAU version is available.
    Furthermore you can just just update your installation by accepting the update notification.
  • Octave based problems
    Especailly for the current s3m2 project we extended the integration with Octave, so now beside
    the already available plotting functionality you are able to create Octave based problems.
  • \iframe LaTeX command
    Since on of the latest GeoGebra versions your are not longer able to export your visualisations, which was
    needed to import those into MUMIE. Therefore we added the iframe command, which enables you to import
    your content from the GeoGebra online repository.
  • \ref command extended
    It is now possible to reference specific anchors not only in the same document but even in other documents
    inside the whole course. (See wiki pages How to create a link pointing to an other Mumie-Page,
    How to create a link pointing to a non Mumie Websites e.g. Wikipedia,
    How to create a reference to a specific position in the same or in an other Mumie document)
  • shortened certain LaTeX environments
    To simplify certain block elements, you can now use begin{definition} instead of begin{block}[definition].
    The same for example, remark and theorem.
  • cross-document counter
    To provide the possibility to generate a course wide numeration for chapters and sections, a LaTeX macro and several other
    additions were made to enable this feature.

Unified TeX syntax

Added by Tilman Rassy over 7 years ago

The Mathletfactory now uses the same TeX engine as the converter for normal TeX sources (JMmtex engine). Thus, from now on only one TeX dialect is in use in MUMIE. The dialect is very close to standard LaTeX.

As a consequence, the TeX syntax in applets and correctors changes in two points:

  1. math needs to be enclosed in dollars $...$
  2. the syntax for variabale substitution changes from $A$ to \var{A}

For more details, see the wiki page

We already updated all running MUMIE servers.

Please work with a sufficiently new MIAU version (at least to avoid inconsistencies with the MUMIE servers.

Plotting in Octave

Added by Tilman Rassy almost 8 years ago

Mumie now supports plotting in Octave. See also the wiki page Here is an example (the Octave code is taken from the Octave manual):

\title{Octave Demo}

% Input field for Octave code, with initial content:
tx = ty = linspace (-8, 8, 41)';
[xx, yy] = meshgrid (tx, ty);
r = sqrt (xx .^ 2 + yy .^ 2) + eps;
tz = sin (r) ./ r;
mesh (tx, ty, tz);

% Button to execute the Octave code:

% Text field to show the Octave output

% Area for plot images:

Note the new TeX command \octaveimages. It marks the place where the plot images are inserted to the web page. The above example looks as follows after the user has clicked the execute button and the response has arrived from the server:


Added by Sabine Greiser almost 8 years ago

  1. add feature #4022 - MIAU checks if compiling is necessary before previewing or publishing
  2. fixed bug #3359 - The 'tab' command is now correctly implemented. A preview from a TeX-Source with a tab-environment displays now the tab title


Added by Sabine Greiser almost 8 years ago

  1. Complemented the signing from applets and jars. The Manifest file in jars gets the following entities
    1. Permission
    2. Code-Base
    3. Application.Name
    4. Caller-Allowable-Codebase
  2. Improvements in the Preferences
  3. The command \substitue:
    There is a new option [normalize] which can be true or false (false by default)
    to control whether the result is normalized; moreover, the last argument can now
    be a number variable, too, or a function variable as before.
  4. Now function variables can be used (and without naming restrictions) in variable's pools.
    Before they were simply ignored.

MIAU 2_0_25_v2 is ready - Very important change! (3 comments)

Added by Sabine Greiser almost 8 years ago

We changed the MUMIE TeX command

\href{lid}{text} to \link{lid}{text}
\ehref[url}{text} to \href{url}{text}

Please update also your content files in the MIAU workspace from subversion

If you use your old workspace, please do the following steps:

  • Install the new MIAU
  • Start MIAU
  • Call in the MIAU menu 'Extras' -> 'Compile System Packages'
    • Choose here only 'mmsrv_system_entities' and press the 'Compile' button

New Version - MIAU 22 is ready

Added by Sabine Greiser about 8 years ago

Please update your MIAU. Applets will be signed correctly with this version. Look also here:

  • New feature for TeX-Editor: Added two additional tabs "Evaluator" and "Wrapper" for ProblemTeX-Documents (#3970)
  • New feature for the Document Information View: Add two additional Links to dependency files for ProblemTeX-Documents (#3970)
    (Link to the Evaluator Java Source and a link to the Wrapper Java Source)
  • Update generic TeX commands:
    • \randadjust was renamed to randadjustIf
    • \randadjustIf accepts Mumie relations
  • Fixed bug #3993 - Preview for problems repaired
  • Add the reading from the default teaching document server parameters

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