TeX Parser for Applets

List of TeX commands in text environment (generic framework) and applets:

For a list of TeX Commands and Environments which can be used in the text environment of the generic frame work and in applets we refer to list_tex-commands

Migration to new TeX-Syntax:

In the past, TeX which is used in applets are handled by the MathletFactory, which results in a different way of writing TeX between applets and in other mumie documents.
To avoid this we have adjusted the Mathletfactory and use Jmmtex (a parser which is already used for other mumie documents).

This changes have the following implications:

1. In Generic Problems:

The syntax for displaying the variable f on a question text is now changed from 
, where $$ now indicates an inline math mode.
Mathematical commands and formula used in question text such as \frac should be used in an inline math mode:

2. In Applets and correctors:

All Mathematical commands and formula should be wrapped in an inline math.
Note that some tex were also written in the Messages files.

Further, the syntax of text style commands such as \large, \Large, \LARGE, \small, \tiny, \huge etc. has changed from

   \large{large text}


   {\large large text}

In Label Support the \$ is no longer used as screen type identifier. @ should be used instead of \$, and \$ will be used to identify inline math


should be changed into


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