Community Guide

This Community Guide gives a brief overview of the favoured usage of the Mumie Wiki and the Mumie forum.
It also contains information specific to developers of Mumie software and documentation.

Mumie Forums

The forums are the communication place for the community for sharing questions, discussions and announcements with the other members. It is organised into the following topics:

  • Announcements and news concerning either Mumie software, documentation, content or the community itself are available in the forum "Announcements".
  • All questions and discussions regarding the usage of Mumie software and content should be posted in the forum "Mumie Usage".
  • Discussions on the development of Mumie content should be posted in the forum "Mumie Content Development".
  • Discussions on Mumie technologies and documentation should be done in the forums "Mumie Software Development" and "Mumie Documentation".

New messages can be propagated via RSS feeds. This allows you to stay informed through your favourite mail program where a feed for each single forum can be included.

Mumie Wiki

The Wiki contains the documentation shared by the community. It is divided into three top categories:

  • HowTos/Tutorials
    HowTos contain instructions for solving concrete taks. A tutorial is composed of a larger collection of tasks dealing with the same topic. Both are focused on a very practical usage.
  • Manuals/Specifications
    Manuals contain explanations and illustrations of single software packages. Specifications are mainly interface definitions. Both are very technology oriented.
  • FAQs
    Frequently asked questions concerning the usage and development of Mumie software and content.

Developer Notes

  • Notes for documentation developers
    New documentation and changes to existing documents in the Wiki and questions concerning documentation can be discussed in the forum "Mumie Documentation".
    New or updated documentation can be propagated through the forum "Announcements". Note that this must not include minor changes with no relevance for the community.
  • Notes for software developers
    Discussions on Mumie technologies should be done in the forum "Mumie Development". This includes the discussion of ideas, basic concepts and use cases. The later should define the base for all further development, which should be documented in the Wiki with specifications and manuals.

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