Correction libraries

For security reasons inner classes are not allowed in the wrapper of a program problem and therefore blocked through the evaluation process.
If you want use classes, interfaces, etc. written by yourself in your wrapper / evaluator, you will have to export these class-files into a jar-file
and upload it to the Mumie-server on which you want to use them.

To export your files switch to the "packages"-view, right-click on the classes / packages you want to export and choose:
export -> java -> jar-file -> choose a filename for the jar under "select export destination" -> finish

After that, login to the Mumie-Server with an admin account and go to:
Admin -> Correction libraries -> upload new file
There you can upload the jar you just created and it's content can be imported/used in your wrapper/evaluator.

To prevent side effects like overwriting a class that is still used by problems which editing period hasn't ended yet, it is recommended to use an individual jar
for each problem/worksheet. Filename of the jar is free to choose.

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