Working with editors

Editors are bound to specific file types, identified by a name pattern (e.g. file ending *.txt). The default configuration uses a simple text editor for all file types, except for the Java editor bound to Java sources.

Editing a file

Files can be opened by double-click in the Packages, Checkin Tree or Package Explorer view. The Document Information view allows furthermore editing/viewing of all contributions of a source file.

Using external editors

Open the preferences and select the File Associations page (referenced from the topmost page, Mumie). Select the file type for which an external editor should be used. Press the Add... button from the list Associated editors below. Select the option External programs in the opening window and select an application from the list below or via the Browse... button. Click OK.

You can set the newly added editor as the default editor for this file type by selecting it and pressing the Default button.

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