Embedding Mode

The embedding mode of a mathlet controls how the applet will be embedded into the website it is referenced in. It can be set with the applet parameter embeddingMode. The following three different embedding modes exist:

Inline Mode

The applet is embedded in the traditional way directly into the website. The width and height properties in the applet tag directly control the applet's overall size.\\
The inline mode can be set via embeddingMode=applet.

Button Mode

This embedding mode uses a button inside the website which will open the mathlet in an own window upon clicking. The width and height properties in the applet tag control the button's size, the window size can be set via the applet parameters appletWidth and appletHeight. The button's text can be changed with the applet parameter buttonText.\\
The button mode can be set via embeddingMode=button.

Label Mode

The label mode uses a label (graphical text viewer) to render the state of the mathlet. It is only used in the online homework mode by the Mumie server. The mathlet will be shown in an own window which can only be made visible via the mathlet's showAppletFrame() method called by JavaScript.\\
The label mode can be set via embeddingMode=label.

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