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Part 8: Function plots

Any question can be augmented by a canvas with a plot of several functions.

  • define a function by \function{f}{ expression} using the \function command explained before
  • using \plotF{1}{f} this f is registered for drawing (as 1st drawable function, the next one e.g. \plotF{2}{g})
  • using \plotFrom{1}{ number} the left bound of the (first) function's domain is defined
  • using \plotTo{1}{ number} the right bound of the function's domain is defined
  • use \plotColor{1}{ color} to define the plot color (black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, pink, gray, orange, white are possible values, case is ignored, if you write vanilla or something it's interpreted as white :P )
  • use \plotLeft{ number} to define the leftmost canvas ordinate, and \plotRight{ number} for the rightmost one
  • use \plotSize{ integer} to define the size of the canvas, default is 300
  • use \plotRatio{keep} to keep the ratio of the two coordinate axises 1:1, default is 'auto' that scales the y-axis based on the functions that are plotted

Here is a complete example:


        \title{testing plots}


                        \function{a1}{1}                    %%first part of the graph, a horizontal line
                        \function{a2}{2-sqrt(1-(x-1)^2)}    %%followed by a quarter of a circle (observe it will be rescaled for the graphics, so it visually becomes an elliptic segment)
                        \function{a3}{2+sqrt(1-(x-1)^2)}    %%and a second quarter, together forming a reversed 'C'
                        \function{a4}{0}                    %%this is the domain interval

                \text{1. Is the blue graph to the right the graph of a function defined on the red domain?}
                \explanation{This explains everything in case of wrong answer...} %%only for correction

                \plotF{1}{a1}           %%the function a1 is defined below in 'variables' in the usual way
                \plotFrom{1}{0.0}       %%and is plotted starting from 0.0
                \plotTo{1}{1.0}         %%and ending in 1.0 , it's a quarter of a circle
                \plotColor{1}{blue}     %%colored blue

                \plotF{2}{a2}           %%same for a2


                \plotF{4}{a4}           %%domain
                \plotColor{4}{red}      %%domain color

                \plotLeft{0}            %%defines the canvas bound left
                \plotRight{3}           %%and right
                \plotSize{200}          %%function plot canvas has size 200x200 instead of default 300x300

                    \text{Yes or no?}


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