Brief explanation on how to use MUMIE

Accessing MUMIE

MUMIE can be accessed by going to and logging in using your account details.

To view the different courses, click on the link Courses in the navigation bar at the top. A list of available courses will be displayed.

Overview of MUMIE course

Graph of available course sections

Once you click on the appropriate course you will see the course displayed as a tree on the left hand side of your screen. The right hand side will display the contents of the selected block from the tree.

A course is separated by two different kinds of blocks, Lecture blocks (the yellow squares with the 'Lec' label) and Homework blocks (the blue squares with the 'Hw' label). Lecture blocks contain the various theoretical content along with examples and training exercises. The Homework blocks contain the homework exercises that have to be submitted within certain timeframes (see section below).

The following points refer to the four highlighted areas in the image:

  1. Navigation bar:This bar can alternatively be used for basic navigation of the course (e.g. going to parent blocks)
  2. Lecture and Homework blocks: These two blocks together belong to one specific topic in the course. Homework blocks have certain states (i.e. editable, closed...) according to their corresponding timeframes. When clicking on a Lecture or Homework block, the tree is expanded and shows the corresponding blocks to the Lecture or Homework. In this example the Homework block contains two Problem exercises, each with a progress indicator.
  3. Subtask progress indicator: When a Problem exercise is selected, it will be displayed on the right hand of screen (see image). For each subtask (a, b) a bullet is shown indicating wether the subtask has been done and saved on the server.
  4. Answering a problem (and it's subtasks): In order to edit a problem exercises you have to click the Edit button (of course a Problem exercise has to be selected). An new screen will pop-up (a Java applet) containing three different tabs (Demo, Training and Exercise), the Exercise tab can be used to fill in the answers to the exercise. In order to fill in the answer for a different subtask, select the specific subtask from the browser by clicking on it.


As mentioned the Homework exercise blocks are set to a specific timeframe. This timeframe indicates the period wherein the exercise should be done. MUMIE knows three different states:

  • Icon for not opened timeframe: The timeframe for these homework exercises will start in the future.
  • Icon for openend timeframe: The timeframe for these homework exercises is open, exercises can be done.
  • Icone for closed timeframe: The timeframe for these homework exercises has been closed, given answers are automatically corrected.

If you click on a Homework exercise block a summary will be given. At the top you can find the start and end date of the timeframe. These dates can also be found on Blackboard.


Some elements take a little longer to load because they have an applet attached. Applets appear in two forms
  • if they appear in a Lecture they will have two available tabs, Demo and Training. The demo has one or more screens explaining a fixed example, the training is often one screen where the user can experiment in a more interactive way.
  • if Applets appear in and Homework exercises there will be a third tab visible stages will have a third tab called Exercise.

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