GeoGebra Applets

This section descibes how to work with GeoGebra applets inside MIAU and use them as content elements.

  1. Before you can edit GeoGebra documents from MIAU, you have to set the correct path the GeoGebra program jar. (If you don't have GeoGebra installed, an easy way is to download the portable version (, which includes the file geogebra.jar)
    This path can be different on various operating systems. The screenshot beneath shows the path on a Ubuntu/Debian OS:
  2. Create a new empty GeoGebra object using the New -> MUMIE Document or Course Wizard
  3. Open this newly created document from the Checkin Tree. You should see something like the picture beneath:
  4. Now you can edit this GeoGebra applet by clicking on the first button "Start GeoGebra"
  5. After you are finished with editing you can save your applet as GeoGebra document from the GeoGebra program, to be able to work on this later
  6. If you now would like to test your state inside MUMIE, you have to export your applet from GeoGebra program using the export
    function. Choose HTML file as the exported file type.
  7. After you have done the HTML export and closed the GeoGebra program, create a new empty element from type custom using the New -> MUMIE Document or Course Wizard (Building Blocks/Element/Custom). This document must exist in the same section as the GeoGebra document and have the same name (e.g. if you have GeoGebra document called ggb_derivative.src.ggb, your custom element should be called ude_derivative.src.tex).
  8. After creating the custom element, go back to the GeoGebra object and press the "Copy changes" button. This will copy the relevant data into the custom MUMIE element.
  9. You can edit the custom element in the same way as other MUMIE tex documents to fit your needs, but leave the tex environment "raw" as it is
  10. Compile (Preview) and Checkin (new "Publish") your custom element on a MUMIE server (you may need to close and reopen the file to be able to compile).
  11. This element can now be used as a content part inside a course.
  12. Note that the applet is only shown in a browser with Java enabled.

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