Internationalization of documents

Depending on the type of document there exist several techniques for internationalization of documents:
  • the \lang command in TeX sources
  • Language Sensitive Phrases (LSP) for applets and correctors
  • Messages for applets

The last 2 techniques are based on keys referencing each a text in several languages. Each language has a file containing all translations.

Previewing of documents in a certain language can be done using the language chooser in the toolbar. It will only be enabled if more than one language is registered in the package properties. Otherwise the only language will be used.

Language Sensitive Phrases

The translations are stored in so called LSP sheets (XML files). They can be created using the document creation wizard (category Other Mumie Documents -> Language Sensitive Phrases) which will create a generic LSP file (independant of a language; used for references) and a content file for each language. After creating or opening a LSP (content) file, a specialized editor will be opened allowing to:
  • add/remove languages (create/delete content files with translations)
  • edit the translations for all languages in a table
  • add/remove translations
  • show warnings and errors

Special characters and Umlaute can be entered and will be converted automatically.


Correctors use LSP sheets for translations which must be referenced in the TeX document of a problem (i.e. in all problems referencing this corrector). Assuming that a LSP sheet already exists it can be selected graphically using the Mumie TeX Editor: open the TeX source of a problem, select the tab Meta Information and click the Add... button besides the Components table in the section Document References. This will bring up a dialog where the LSP sheet can be choosen. Tip: you can hide all documents except LSP sheets by deselecting all other document types in Show documents of type.
Note: LSP sheets can only be referenced using their generic file, i.e. the option Use generic files when possible must be selected.

For using LSP texts in the source code of correctors see Exercise Correctors in the MathletFactory manual.

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