How to set the size of an image in a tex-source

To include an image in a TeX-source use the following command:


Notice: The image must be referenced in as a componant in the meta-data of the source file. It is there where you must set a local ID (LID).

WIDTH and HEIGHT are given in pixel. If these parameters are not set, the image will be displayd in the original size. If only WITH ist set, the browser will scale the image and compute the HIGHT so as to preserve the aspect ratio of the image (analogously for HIGHT).


\image{image_1}            % image, original size
\image[300][200]{Bild_1}  % image, 300x200 pixel
\image[420]{Bild_1}       % image is scaled so that the WITH is 420 pixel
\image[420][]{Bild_1}     % as above
\image[][350]{Bild_1}     % image is scaled so that the HIGHT is 350 pixel.

Add picture from clipboard (Maximum size: 500 MB)