User Interface Overview

Perspectives and Views

The user interface of MIAU is divided into several specialised perspectives grouping the most needed functionalities for each task. The following list shows the order in which they appear in a common workflow (checkout, editing, checkin, commit):
  1. SVN/CVS Repository Exploring: exploring SVN/CVS repositories and download of repositories into workspace projects
  2. Mumie: creating, editing, viewing and uploading documents
  3. Team Synchronizing: comparing and merging the workspace with the SVN/CVS, update/commit of documents
  4. Java: specialised perspective for Java developers
Each perspective contains several views which can be added to, removed from or rearranged inside the perspective. The following list shows the views corresponding to the perspectives above:
  1. SVN/CVS Repositories: shows a list of all SVN/CVS roots and their repositories
  2. Packages: shows the workspace and its projects with their physical directory structure Checkin Tree: shows the checkin tree as a cumulative view of all opened Mumie projects Document Information: shows detailed information of the currently selected element/file
  3. Synchronize: compares workspace files with the CVS and allows the updating/merging/commit of documents
  4. Package Explorer: shows the Java packages and sources appropriately Outline: lists the methods and fields of a Java source


All necessary preferences can be found in the menu item Window->Preferences. They are grouped into 5 pages:
  1. Mumie (basic configuration): editors, viewers, miscellaneous options
  2. Java (Java settings): jarsigner data, source compatibility
  3. Server (Mumie servers): server settings, HTTPS certificate store
  4. Warnings/Errors: configuration of error reporting
  5. Workspaces (global options): global program options (valid for all workspaces)
    Each page may contain references to other preference pages or to specific help pages.

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