Installtion of packages:

Checkout from a repository Location

General Rule: You should checkout the trunk of a package only - not any branch.

First Checkout:
  • Go to the Repository, by clicking to SVN Repository Exploring (right top corner you find a menu with the possible views)
  • Right click on the frame SVN Repository to the left and select new.
  • Enter the Repository Location Information like (SVN) and your personal account data.
  • Select from the repository the packages you need.

SVN Repository

Using existing packages, which are not imported

There are two Menu entries:
  1. Open the menu File -> Import from File System -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace
  2. Open the view "Packages" and open the context menu (right mouse button) -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace

The following dialog will be open:

  1. Select a root directory where the package is located or browse via the Button "Browse"
  2. The dialog will updated itself and now you can see a list of "Projects"
  3. Select all the projects they want to import
  4. Optional Select "Copy projects into workspace" if the selected projectes are not in the workspace directory, but should be immediately available there
  5. "Finish"

sc001ImportPackageDialog.png (33.5 KB) Sabine Greiser, 12/12/2013 10:53 AM

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