Moomie from the moodle user perspective


(These goals may also include different aspects that have already been realized.)

A moodle teacher should be able to easily accomplish in a moodle course the following tasks, in a few self describing steps:

  • searching for mumie learning objects
  • previewing learning objects which have been found
  • selecting learning objects from the list of the search results and automatically creating a moodle activity for each
  • editing such moodle activities
  • deleting such moodle activities

Such mumie-moodle activities should also support other moodle specific functions, such as (this may depend on the type of the learning object)

  • moving the activity (link) up and down in the moodle course
  • intending the activity (link)
  • setting activity to viewable/not viewable
  • setting "opening" and "closing" dates/times
  • grading and gradebook entries
  • allowing different "view modi", eg. * a teacher should - in contrast to a student - be able to view an exercise, even if it is "not viewable" * a teacher should be able to simulate / test an exercise even before the opening time or after the closing time * ... ?
  • allowing the moodle group modi
  • allowing activity local definitions of roles

In this way, it should be possible to handle the following mumie learning objects as moodle activites:

  • text blocks
  • mumie exercises (applet exercises, MC)
  • applet visualisations (independent whether such an applet has different modi [exercise] or is for instance a simple animation)
  • ... ?

Characterization of a learning object

A learning object is characterized by

  • name
  • description
  • type (exercise, animation, text, ...? tbd...)
  • course (math. branch?)
  • term (of first use)
  • lecturer
  • author
  • That way, an object may belong to different types (because of the applet modi, for instance)
  • An object doesn't necessarily consist of just one file. But from the user point of view, this has no relevance. (Actually many learning objects consist of several files on the implementation level, e.g. datasheet, corrector class file, etc.)

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Search form

(english version will follow)

Search Results and selection form

(english version will follow)

mumie_lernobjekt_suchen_screenshot.png (59.2 KB) Marek Grudzinski, 04/07/2013 12:05 PM

suchergebnis_und_auswahl_screenshot.png (69.2 KB) Marek Grudzinski, 04/07/2013 12:05 PM

Mumie_lernobjekt_suchen_screenshot Suchergebnis_und_auswahl_screenshot
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