MUMIE Workshop Mai 12-14 2009

run VirtualBox
login: mumie1
pwd: mumie

  1. japs_env: postgres, apache, tomcat, modjk (apache modul: connects tomcat with apache), cocoon
  2. japs: contains mumie software
  3. mmcdk2: contains the mumie development kit, generates many mm-command tools
  4. mmtex
  5. course_creator_new
  6. mathletfactory_lib
  7. mmjutil: java classes used in several other places, everything which does not belong to any other package, not MUMIE specific
  8. mmjsql: servlet-db. must create sql string for db. sql interface xml, java code which on run time creates sql code
  9. japs_checkin
  10. japs_client: java classes for getting documents from MUMIE server
  11. japs_datasheet: xml documents, messager between problem_applets and server
  12. mmjipc: library
  13. mmjvmd: java virtual machine daimon
  14. mmplutil
  15. mmtex_mumie

cvs co japs_env japs mmcdk2 mmtex course_creator_new mathletfactory_lib mmjutil mmjsql japs_checkin japs_client japs_datasheet mmjipc mmjvmd mmplutil mmtex_mumie

  • Go to dir japs_env
    ***./ --vars: shows all variables settings
    • Create file build.conf: tomcat_heap_space=512
    • check top -u mumie1
  • go to mmjutil, all, install
  • go to mmjsql: all, install
  • go to mmjipc: all, install
  • go to mmjvmd: all, install
  • go to japs_checkin: mount-checkin
  • go to japs_client: all, install, install-jcookie, mount-checkin
  • go to japs_datasheet: all, install, mount-checkin
  • go to mmcdk2: all, install
  • go to mmplutil: install
  • go to mmtex: all, install
  • go to mmtex_mumie: all, install
  • go to mathletfactory_lib: all, install, mount-checkin
  • go to course_creator_new: all, install, install-third-party-java

installation of japs

  • db must be running, tomcat not: postgres start
  • set url_prefix in build.conf
  • ./ all-step1
  • start tomcat: tomcat start
  • ./ all-step2
  • ./ all-step3

Now we bring in content:

  • in home create dir .mmcdk, create therein a file mmcdk.init
  • put in mmcdk.init: mmalias default http://localhost:8080/cocoon admin
  • type mmalias -l . This shows the default value http://localhost:8080/cocoon
  • check out teaching_test, content_kth_linear_algebra
  • go to content_kth_linear_algebra: ./ mount-checkin, mmtex,
  • check references: mmckrefs -r and add the necessary content if necessary
  • checkin of a large number of documents e.g. all .meta.xml: find -L -name ".meta.xml" | mmckin -i

Mathletfactory: Presentation by Markus Gronau

  • MMObjects

Homework problems

  • A problem is writen in terms of MUMIE-TeX e.g. prb_darstellende_matrix_lang.src.tex
  • This document makes ref to an applet e.g the prb_darstellende_matrix_lang makes ref to the applet LinearMapWithSyncBaseChangeExercise
  • Typically a problem is personalized i.e. numbers are random. The kind of numbers can be chosen by the author of the problem
  • A problem is stored in the MUMIE-server where the individualized numbers are marked by place holders.
  • There are so called datasheets. They are messager documents between MUMIE client, applet (on client) and the MUMIE server.
  • Each student has his datasheet resp his datasheets. The PPD-datasheet contains the personalized numbers of the problem in question. The ADS contains the answers of the student. The CDS is for the corrections.

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