When you navigate to a certain document in a course, the URL displayed in the address bar of the browser usually doesn't reflect the state in the browser. If you save the URL (e.g., in a bookmark), and later call the URL again, you wouldn't see the content you saw when you saved the URL. The is because MUMIE uses special techniques for browsing in a course, which differ from simple page loading.

To overcome this issue, MUMIE provides so-called permalinks. Permalinks are URLs that directly point to a certain document in a course. They are suitable for bookmarks, as they remian valid as long as the course exists on the server. To obtain the permalink for certain document in a course, navigate to that document, and then click on "Permalink" at the top-right link bar of the page. A window pops up that displays the permalink. You can copy the URL and, for instance, give it to other people you want to point to this special place in the course. Or you can add the URL to your bookmarks (most browsers offer this action if you right-click the permalink).

screenshot_permalink.png (283 KB) Tilman Rassy, 02/18/2015 03:32 PM

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