Environment in package incremental.




Defines a group of "tabs". Tabs are different content fragments
all displayed in the same area, but not at the same time. The user can
switch between the tabs by clicking on tab handles (usually on top of
the tabs). Think of Firefox tabs to get an idea of this concept.

Each \tab command starts a new tab. label1,
label2 etc. are labels (headlines) for the tabs.

settings, the optional argument, contains commands which influence the
behavior of the environment. The commands allowed here are
\initialtab and \class.

Per default, the first tab is displayed in the beginning. This can be changed
by the \initialtab command.

The labels of all tabs are always visible. Usually, they are aligned in a row
above the tab content. All labels except that of the currently visible tab are
clickable. If a label is clicked, the corresponding tab becomes visible (and
the previously visible tab becomes invisible).

See also tabs*.

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