How to create a reference to a specific position in the same or in another Mumie document

Say you want to create a link from a certain position in document A (origin) to a certain position in the same or an other document, called document B (target).
First, mark the position in the target document B by


Next, open the document A (origin) in the MIAU-editor.

At the bottom of the editor window, you see several tabs. Select the tab "Meta information".

Go to the section "Links" and click "Add..."

A dialog window pops up showing the checkin tree. Navigate to document B (i.e., the document where the link should point to. This can be the same document or a different one). Select B.

Optionally, change the field for the LID or "local id" into "point_of_origin".

Click "Ok". A new entry appears in the section "Links".

Return to the TeX source by clicking the tab "Content Block" at the bottom of the editor window.

Go the point of origin i.e. the position where you whant to place the reference to appear and insert

\ref[point_of_origin][see position at target_position in document B]{target_position}

The command creates a hyperlink originating at "point_of_origin" and pointing to the positon marked by "target_position" in the target document B . The link text is the second optional argument, thus, "see position at label_B in document B". If this argument is omitted, the link text defaults to the LID.

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