With the integration of the Mumie into a master LMS Mumie becomes a part of this LMS. The main advantage is that students and lecturers can use the functionality of Mumie within their LMS and do not have to learn another LMS.

In the strict sense Mumie is rather a content management system (CMS) with mathematical content than a learning management system (LMS). A master LMS is needed for the user and course management, Mumie does not provide full support for this. In the Mumie it is not possible to set up classes and tutorials and to add and remove students, lecturers and tutors. Therefore, a connection (or integration) to another LMS like [[http:_www.moodle.org|Moodle]], [[http:_www.ilias.de|Ilias]], [[http:_www.moses.tu-berlin.de|Moses]] or [[http:_www.blackboard.com|Blackboard]], that take over these tasks, is necessary.


The course structure, students and teachers are available in the master LMS (Moodle). How does the Mumie become aware of these things? How can they be transmitted and synchronized? If, for example, a student's address changes in Moodle its address in Mumie has to change too. Or if a student edits and submits an exercise in Mumie, how does Moodle know about it?

Integration of Mumie into a master LMS

Specification - Master LMS Moodle


  • Moodle assumes the classical LMS functions (course and user management).
  • Mumie will be an activity (= module/plugin) in Moodle.
  • Single-Sign-On: students in a Moodle course are able to login to the Mumie directly.
  • Synchronization and transfer of courses and category name from Moodle to the Mumie.
  • Synchronization and transfer of student data from Moodle to the Mumie.
  • Moodle gets scores and results from the Mumie.

Use Cases

The following use cases for the integration can be identified and divided into four parts:
  • Connecting an entire Mumie course (A)
  • Connecting a single Mumie exercise (B)
  • Synchronisation of the Mumie results and grades (C)
  • Administration in Moodle (D)

Use Cases

  • A1: Connect a Mumie course (create an activity "Mumie course" in Moodle)
  • A2:Edit and submit a Mumie exercise (navigate in activity "Mumie course" in Moodle)
  • A3: Watch the grades and feedbacks (gradebook and activity "Mumie course" in Moodle)
  • B1: Conncect a Mumie exercise (create an activity "Mumie exercise" in Moodle)
  • B2: Edit and submit a Mumie exercise (navigate in activity "Mumie exercise" in Moodle)
  • B3: Watch the grades and feedbacks (gradebook and activity "Mumie exercise" in Moodle)
  • C1: Synchronize results/grades
  • D1: Administrate the Mumie integration (activity “Mumie exercise” and “Mumie course” in Moodle)

Actors are the students (role "student" in Moodle), the lecturer/tutor (the role "teacher" or "non-editing teacher" in Moodle), the Moodle administrator and the Mumie.

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