TeX commands and TeX environments in text-environment
of generic visualization and generic problem TeX-documents
as well as for MUMIE-applets in general.

// Font commands:
\\, new line
// Text size commands:
\scriptsize, "scriptsize"),
\footnotesize, "footnotesize"),
\tiny, "tiny"),
\small, "small"),
\normalsize, "normalsize"),
\large, "large"),
\Large, "Large"),
\huge, "huge"),
\Huge, "Huge"),
// Phantom commands:
\phantom, "phantom",
\hphantom, "hphantom",
\vphantom, "vphantom",
// Other style commands:
\emph, "emph",
// Math commands:
// Binary operations
\hat, ^, o),
// greek characters from alphabet Latin-1
// curly, angle and ceil/floor braces
//characters from alphabet Mathematical Symbols/Arrows
\middot, \u22C5
\qquad, \u2001
\;, \u2007,
// Comparisons
\leq, Symbol.leq),
\le, Symbol.leq),
\neq, Symbol.notEqual),
\geq, Symbol.greaterEqual),
\ge, Symbol.greaterEqual),
\ne, Symbol.notEqual),
\sim, Symbol.thicksim),
// Sets
\Nzero, "naturals-with-zero"),
\Integers, Z
\C, C,
\Complex, C
\Field, K
\K, K
\k, K
\Rationals, Q
\Q, Q
\I, I
\M, M

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