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Mumie wiki TU Delft

This is wiki is about the Mumie framework used at TU Delft (TUD), all information regarding Mumie at TUD can be found here. There is a section for students were they can learn how to use Mumie. A section for content authors who have to create new content for Mumie. And finally a document section, containing all documents relevant to Mumie. The different sections can be found below.

Student section

This section is aimed at students who have to follow courses were Mumie is used. In this section you can find a tutorial that cover the basics of Mumie.

Authoring section

Here you can find documentation on the internal working of Mumie. It is aimed at people who create content for Mumie. (Links need fixing)

Document section

All documents relevant to Mumie at TU Delft can be found here:

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