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Please refer to the [[doc:manuals:miau:index|MIAU manual]] for information about the creation of course documents.

The Mumie Course Creator is a graphical authoring tool for the Mumie platform which allows authors to organise mathematical content into courses. Each course has either a logical, non-linear structure (knowledge network), a tree structure (flat course) or a list structure. Particulary the knowledge network is convenient for mathematical content as this structure may be displayed in a non-linear, parallel form where similarities, differences as well as dependencies between content elements are shown.

Getting Started

  • [[.:intro:install_start|Installation and Start]]
  • [[.:intro:basic_concepts|Basic Concepts]]
  • [[.:intro:how_to_use_this|How to use this Documentation]]
  • [[.:intro:definitions|Some Definitions]]
  • [[.:intro:basic_handling|Basic Handling]]

User Interface

  • [[.:gui:main_window|Main Window]]
  • [[.:gui:elementzuweisungsfenster|Elementzuweisungsfenster]]


  • [[.:tutorial:tutorial:network|How to create Networks]]
  • [[.:tutorial:tutorial:tree|How to create Trees]]
  • [[.:tutorial:tutorial:list|How to create Lists]]


  • [[.:mmsrv:save_and_load|Save and Load]]
  • [[.:mmsrv:server_login|Server Login]]
  • [[.:mmsrv:checkin|Checkin]]
  • [[.:mmsrv:certificate|Certificate]]


  • [[.:configuration:configuration|Configuration]]
  • [[.:configuration:shortcuts|Shortcuts]]


  • [[.:troubleshooting:troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]]

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