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Use Explanations

\explanation{<description}: (optional), shows an explanation on the correction page if the answers were not fully correct.
By default the explanation will only be shown when the users answer is not fully correct. One can use the command \showExplanation{always} for the explanation to always be visible.

A generic problem in feedback mode shows the explanations inline.

It's possible to use the explanation command on question and/or on answer level. (see example below)

Example source code




    \text{Cancled down: $\frac{2}{6} =$\ansref and $\frac{2}{4} =$\ansref}

    \explanation{Think about it!}


      \explanation{that's why...}



      \explanation{that's why...}



      \text{Cancle down: $\frac{1}{9} =$}
      \explanation{that's why...}



How it looks on the server after the correction

Capture49.PNG (19.6 KB) Michael Heimann, 05/03/2018 01:41 PM

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