File Explorer

The file Explorer is an overview of the files. All files, which are editable in WebMiau, can be found in the tree structure. So the files in the tree structure can be hidden.

Files are displayed in three possible colours:

new file. No version (see also "Go back to the last version / Save as new version" ) has been created from this file.

The last version of this file has been edited and has not yet re-created a new version

versioned unedited file

Multiselect Files

With Ctrl + left mouse, it is possible to select more than one file.
"Publish", "Go back to the last version" and "Save as new version", all selected files and directories are taken into account (recursively for directories).

Context menu

File Folder
Description "Publish", "Go back to the last version", "Save as new version", "Delete File" (if delete rights exist, or the file is green) "Publish", "Go back to the last version", "Save as new version", "New Document", "New Section" ,"Delete Section" (if delete rights exist)


WebMiau opens files in the center of it.

File Type Editor
TeX CodeMirror
Images, Audio, PDF Media-Editor
Course, Lecture, Worksheet, Annex Course-Editor
LSP LSP-Editor

It is possible to open more than one file simultaneously. These files are visible in tabs (3).
All changes in the editors are saved automatically.


The active tab is visible on the blue bar at the top of the tab.

Context Menu

Closes the selected tab (with right click)

Close All
Closes all open tabs

Close Other
Closes all open tabs except for selected tabs (with right click)



Drag a snippet to the position, where the code is needed or use the specified shortcuts, then the code is inserted at the cursor.

Include files / link pointing to another Mumie page

Drag an image, audio, article, problem, exercise oder type 'sexe_' file from the file explorer into the TeX-Editor. WebMiau inserts the command automatically.

If you want to appear in the link text "see document B". Change the TeX command

\link{lid}{Link to ... }


\link{lid}{see document B}

Create task/tickets at team.mumie.net automatically

If you save a new file as a new version ( ), then WebMiau creates a new Task/Ticket at team.mumie.net and inserts the following code into your file:

  Im Ticket-System: \href{http://team.mumie.net/issues/xxx}{Ticket xxx}



Media files (Image, Audio, PDF) are opened in the Media-Editor. There is a list of all existing language implementations.


  • If you click on an image, the image opens on the right hand side with original size.
  • The properties Name, Description, Copyright and Displaysize are editable via the Pen-Icon.
  • Drag&Drop a new language implementation into the section on the bottom. WebMiau will ask some optional properties. Press Save to create the new Image.


  • Audio files are listenable. Press the play button.
  • Audio files are downloadable. Press the download button.
  • Drag&Drop a new language implementaion into the section on the bottom. WebMiau will ask some optional properties. Press Save to create the new Audio.


  • PDF files are downloadable. Press the download button.
  • Drag&Drop a new language implementation into the section on the bottom. WebMiau will ask some optional properties. Press Save to create the new PDF.

Create New Media-File

  1. Drag an image/audio/pdf from your file system into WebMiau
  2. Choose a language
  3. Insert a name
  4. Save the Dialoge

WebMiau creates a new media file and opens it as a new tab. You can see it in the File Explorer, too.


Net-Courses are not supported.

Course files like lecture, worksheet, annex and course are opened in the Course-Editor.

Add node

  1. To create a new Branch node, drag and drop from the legend on the right hand side of the editor the Branch-Icon (3) into the tree structure
  2. Drag an existing file from the File Explorer into the tree structure.
    1. Red - Not valid connection
    2. Green - Valid connection

Delete Node

To delete a node from a course tree, open the context menu and select "Delete Node". The context menu is available, if write access exists.

Create Lecture, Worksheet, Annex or Course

  1. To Create a new file choose New Document via contextmenu in the File Explorer
  2. Choose Type Course
  3. Choose a Subtype
  4. Insert a file name
  5. Save

WebMiau creates and opens the new course file.

Theme, Semster, Summary, LSP Sheet

  1. In order to add one of these 4 types of path, drag the file from File Explorer into the right hand side of the course-editor. The editor recognizes the type and sets the path to the appropriate location.


"Publish" means the publication of the content (on a MUMIE-Server). Content can either be media files, Tex documents or course files.
Content files are only visible in the server's DBBrowser. Content included in a course can be viewed in the courses.

The list of servers is manageable through the user profile.

Go back to the last version / Save as new version

It is possible to save versions of files. These are only visible to a skilled person. In WebMiau, the last version is always displayed or the last one edited.
After selecting 'Go back to the last version', the edited version is discarded and the last stored data version is restored and displayed.

WebMiau saves automatically, but that is not an own version.
Versions are not created until 'Save as new version' is clicked. Only then the file is really backed up.


In WebMiau, the preview of a Tex file is displayed on the right side. This preview corresponds to the view of a standard MUMIE server. The view on the production server may vary.
The automatic creation of the preview can be issued. A switch for disabling and activating is located above the preview.

Using the language selector, the language of the preview can be selected. The list of available languages depends on the languages configured in the content package.

Translators: Preview/Table

As a translator (the admin must configure in the user profile accordingly) there is also the possibility to change the preview from the normal view "Preview" to "Table".
In this view, all texts are displayed in tabular form with their translations.

Synchronization buttons

The buttons from top to bottom:

  1. Enables automatic synchronization between editor and preview. Synchronized when scrolling in both the editor and the preview
  2. Synchronizes only once between editor and preview (Makes sense when the top button is disabled)
  3. Synchronizes only once between preview and editor (Makes sense when the top button is disabled)


Open your profile via the face icon

In the settings you can change your

  • Name and Surename
  • EMail
  • Password (empty for no change)
  • Debounce Time
  • List of Server

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