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Reported issues: 2212


02:00 PM Support Miau Release 2.21.0
Miau Release with new command \background to change the background color in tables.


05:20 PM Support Miau Release 2.17.3
Miau Release with fix for issues with \binom when used inside the \frac command.


03:57 PM Support Miau Release 2.17.2
Miau Release with support for the truth-table answer type. [[support:TruthTableAnswer|To Documentation.]]


01:55 PM Support Miau Release 2.17.1
Miau release with fix on issues starting a generic problem containing text with align environment
11:44 AM Support Miau Release 2.17.0
Miau Release with the following improvements:
# fixed issues regarding complex numbers in generic problem
# fixed...


06:08 PM Support Miau Release 2.15.2
MIAU Release with updated certificate for and updated code signing certificate


06:23 PM Support Miau Release 2.15.1
MIAU Release with updated certificate for


02:38 PM Support Miau Release 2.15.0
MIAU Release with new technical commands (\quizscore and \overviewblocks) for ombplus


02:55 PM Support Miau Release 2.14.0
This MIAU Release comes with the following improvements:
# question in GenericProblem may have different answer ty...


01:04 PM Support Miau Release 2.13.2
Miau release with fix for errors on preview and problem correction

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